Reduced healthcare costs

In spite of health care providers' best efforts, patients forget to take their medication, take the wrong dosage, or take their medication at the wrong time. Even with explicit instructions at the doctor's office, in the hospital, or with a home management method, medication noncompliance still occurs.

Studies show that drug noncompliance costs the country billions of dollars each year as a result of re-hospitalization, complications, disease progression and even death.

In the year 2000, the annual costs of drug-related illness and death in ambulatory care settings alone were estimated at more than $177 billion. The most common types of medication misuse include:

  • Taking the incorrect dose
  • Taking a dose at the wrong time
  • Forgetting to take a dose
  • Stopping medicine too soon
By reminding patients to take the right medication, in the right amount at the right time, RememberItNow! helps control the costs of drug-related illness.

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