Follow the doctor's orders

In spite of healthcare provider's best efforts, patients forget to take their medication, take the wrong dosage, or take their medication at the wrong time. Even with explicit instructions at the doctor's office, or in the hospital, detailed medication review at the pharmacy counter, and home management methods, medication noncompliance occurs.

Prescription drug compliance is a significant challenge. According to a Harris Interactive poll, forgetting to take medications is the number one reason for non-compliance.

RememberItNow! is designed to improve patient compliance. Patients that use RememberItNow! for medication and appointment reminders can more easily follow instructions, reducing the number of calls or follow up visits to clarify medication instructions.

Doctors can have access to a patient's complete medication history, view actual medication schedules, and review wellness statistics to get a more complete picture of the patient's health.

Doing our bit to contain health care costs

Recent studies show that drug noncompliance costs the country billions of dollars each year as a result of re-hospitalization, complications, disease progression and even death.

RememberItNow! reminders and community features encourage compliance and care to improve the patient's health and contain health care costs. 

Added value for home health and assisted living providers

RememberItNow! helps caregivers provide better care. Electronic reminders provide instructions for any number of caregivers, and the journal makes it easy to document assistance.

Concerned family members can stay involved by viewing activity at any time. Online access to patient medication and care history provides peace of mind for loved ones, and reduces direct inquires to "check on Mom". 

Learn more about our private label program for assisted living facilities, healthcare providers and employers. 

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