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More than 44.4 million people in the United States, or 21% of the population, serve as unpaid caregivers to an adult family member or friend. These caregivers primarily provide 80% of the long-term care at home in the United States.

Caregiving delivered via family and friends results in significant savings to the government, health care institutions and agencies that would otherwise be responsible for delivering care. In fact, according to government research, the contributions represented by the care delivered by informal and family caregivers add up to $257 billion each year.

The need for at-home family caregivers is expected to increase in the coming years as baby boomers enter into their senior years.

Many caregivers are unprepared to provide care. They often live away from loved ones, are immersed in careers and often have children at home.

RememberItNow! helps caregivers coordinate care, manage complicated medication schedules, and improve the quality of care.

Peace of mind

Are you responsible for helping others take their medication, visit the doctor, and remember important events?

You can stop worrying so much. RememberItNow! is designed to help you easily manage activities, coordinate care and send reminders while allowing your loved ones independence and giving you a little peace of mind.

Monitor medication schedules

With RememberItNow! you are able to monitor medication schedules remotely. Through RememberItNow's calendar you can set new appointments, and change medication schedules. You can even print or email activity reports to healthcare providers to improve medical care.

The patient receives reminders that guide them to take the right dose, at the right time, the right way. 2pm: Lipitor, cholesterol, red bottle, 1 pill.

In addition to managing modifications you can track medical contacts, update or review health readings for blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight, and track the patient's health through journal entries.

Share the care

You don't have to do it all yourself. By creating a private community in RememberItNow! you can share caregiving tasks with other family members or home care workers. It's easy to set visit schedules, assign tasks, and receive updates.

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