Ready Reports

Print or share your reports

RememberItNow! includes more than 20 pre-designed reports that are ready to be printed or shared through email. Use them as backup, file for reference, take with you to appointments, or share with interested parties.

Contact list

Keep your contacts close at hand wherever you are. You can print your entire contact list, or individual groups.

Calendar day list

When your day is packed with lots to do, a handy printed list of your day's activities can help you or your caregivers stick to a schedule. It's easy to see at a glance what's planned for each hour.

Current medication report

"What medications are you taking?" Be prepared to accurately answer this question from your doctor with the Current Medication report.

Medication history report

Good health care depends on good and thorough information. RememberItNow! tracks all your medications, including supplements for a complete list of your medication history.

Medication wallet list

Be prepared for a medical emergency. Each doctor you see, including emergency room doctors, should review your list of medicines before treating you.

Health stats charts

When it comes to managing your health, seeing your progress can be a big incentive. Our health stat charts help you visualize your goals, spot trends, and share your progress with your health team.