Mobile reminders

Mobile Reminders

Receive text, or email reminders

Send a text reminder message to your cell phone, or send reminders to your email.

Don't forget

Did I take my pills this morning? When do I see my trainer? Is today trash day?

Stop worrying that you'll forget something. RememberItNow's cell phone reminders help you remember the little things, big things, and all the things in between.

Global level reminders

When you setup your account you tell us if you want to receive reminders for medications and/or activities. That way you don't have to worry about setting a reminder every time you enter an activity.

Reminders take only seconds to create. Just add a medication or event to your calendar, and you'll receive a reminder.

If you are using RememberItNow! to maintain a paper schedule, no problem. Keep the boxes unchecked and we won't bug you with electronic reminders.

Easy on or off

Do you have activities you want to show on your calendar, but don't need to receive a reminder? Like caregiver schedules? Or days that the housekeeper comes?

It's easy to turn off reminders on individual activities; just uncheck the reminder box at the top of the add event or add medication form.

At a glance reminder confirmation

You can easily tell if a reminder is set. Look for the bell in your list view, or the red text on the monthly calendar.

Remember anything

Customize your reminders to fit your needs. Use RememberItNow! to:
  • Take your medications or supplements
  • Go to an appointment
  • Reorder medications or supplies
  • Check you blood glucose or blood pressure
  • Pay estimated taxes
  • Get to the gym
  • Weight shift
  • Stay on top of daily activities