Long-distance care journal

Long Distance Care

Stop worrying

Did mom remember to take her medications? When is her next doctor’s appointment? What’s the number for her cardiologist? Did her assistant come yesterday?

RememberItNow! keeps family members and caregivers up-to-date on the patient’s latest activities, so they can stop worrying and sleep better at night.

Remote access

Once you have been granted access by the patient, you can view account information from any computer that has Internet access.
  • Remotely manage medication schedules
  • Schedule new appointments
  • Find contact information
  • Keep an eye on home care and health stats
  • Email reports to healthcare providers

Stay connected no matter where you are, even from Timbuktu.

Share caregiving responsibilities

Share caregiving responsibilities with other family members.

Each person has their own login, and can have different permission levels.

With access to centralized health information it’s easier for everyone to help with caregiving.

Manage home care assistants

Setup user accounts for home care assistants and you can manage schedules and provide daily instructions.

Use the calendar to schedule care shifts and ensure coverage.

Ask caregivers to record their activities and patient observations in the journal and you’ll be able to monitor throughout the day.

Keep an eye on everything

From the main dashboard you can check and see if reminders went out, keep an eye on overall wellness, find contacts, see a current medication list, review recent journal entries and much more.

Just click each bar to view the latest details, or click the bar to enter into each section for access to complete information.