Smart scheduling

Familiar calendar

Use the familiar calendar to schedule appointments, medications, and tasks. See at a glance if reminders are set and view your schedule by day, week or month.

Medications and events

To simplify data entry we've created two forms :
  1. "Add medication" includes everything you need to track your medications.
  2. "Add event" helps you remember and track events such as doctor appointments, supply reorders, or daily tasks.

Home care scheduling

You can use the calendar to schedule home care shifts. Everyone on the health team can see the schedule, which makes it a lot easier to coordinate care.

Receive timely reminders

Life is busy. Keep to your schedule with electronic reminders sent via text or email.

Remember everything! Your medication, appointments, reorders, birthdays and more.

Plenty of print & view options

You can view your schedule by the day, week or month. Click on "share" to send your schedule via email, or print for reference.