Health journal

Health Journal

Easy online health journal

Keeping a health journal provides insight into your overall wellness.

By combining journal data, medication history, and health stats, you have a 360 degree view of your health.

It's easy to add an entry, type in the journal field and click on the plus sign That's it.

Striving for 5-star days

It's simple to record and chart your perceived wellness. Simply click on the number of stars that reflect how you are feeling, and you’ve recorded your wellness score.

Record a reading every hour, every day, or every week. The frequency is up to you.

Are you feeling better or worse?

The chart view makes it easy to see if you are feeling better or worse, and spot trends in your perceived wellness.

View your chart by week, month or year.

Communicate with the health team

Use the journal to coordinate caregiving or fitness instructions and health notes.

The journal provides a history of activity and can be shared with everyone on the health team.