Custom goals

Custom Goals

Easily monitor your health

What you track is up to you. Goals are completely customizable. Choose from three types: rate by stars, don't break the chain, or data values.

Reach your goals

Set your weight or blood pressure goals and get motivated!

You can set and change goals, see your average, view and chart your readings to achieve your health targets.

How well do you feel?

"How are you feeling?" It's one of the first questions your doctor asks, and a tricky one to answer.

Record your wellness score on a regular basis and use the wellness chart to show your doctor exactly how you’ve been feeling.

Visualize your progress

Our charts help you see your progress over time.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure

Checking your blood pressure at home is an easy way to help you track and control your blood pressure. RememberItNow! makes it simple to record your readings and to add related notes.

Monitor your blood sugar

Take better care of your diabetes. Record food, activity, and your stress levels in the notes to learn how these factors impact your blood sugar levels.

Watch your weight

Who isn't trying to maintain a healthy weight? RememberItNow! helps to tie all the pieces together as watch your weight loss improve your health.