Organize contacts

Track a lot of contact info, or a little

It is easy to add names and phone numbers for your contacts, or add complete contact information as well as conversation notes. You don't need to limit your entries to medical related contacts.

The RememberItNow! contact file is ideal to track all your contacts, accounts and more.

Group your contacts

To organize longer contact lists, assign contacts to groups.

You can name your groups anything you want. You may want to set up one group for "home", and one for "doctors" and one for "helpers". It's totally up to you.

Each of your groups are easy to find with the tabs.

Notes tell the story

Notes can be easily added to a record to provide a history of contact.

Record conversations, such as your doctor’s recommendations. Or add notes that help your care community help you.

Star your priority contacts

Star prioritization makes it easy to spot favorite contacts at a glance. You can sort by starred items or simply glance at the list to easily find your priority contacts.