Patient-centric technology

Introducing Our Patient-centric eHealth Platform

HIPAA, FHA, EHR, EMR, PHR, CCR, CRM? What about mHealth, health 2.0, ehealth, and the epatient? Do you understand all this? Does anyone?

Where's the Patient?

In the complexity of health information technology, the patient can get lost.

We see things from the patient's point of view. Our easy and secure Web-based software empowers people to take control of their health.

The RememberItNow! patient-centric user interface is like a breath of fresh air. Simple, intuitive, interactive. We've built in features that matter most to patients. Our software helps people stay healthier, spend less time managing their medical care, and help take care of their loved ones.

It takes less than five minutes for a user to get started. There is no software to install. No updates to manage. All data is centralized and accessible over the web from any computer, at any time. Access is safe, secure, and password protected.

The data is backed-up daily on enterprise-class servers in a state-of-the art, highly-secure data center.

Patient-centric eHealth for Everyone

RememberItNow! is designed to empower every person in America to take control of their health. Contact us to learn more about empowering your users.
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