RememberItNow! partnership program

Working with RememberItNow! our partners can quickly and easily provide a comprehensive suite of secure desktop and mobile services that improve health management and outcomes.

We take care of data hosting and security, user support, software updates, and messaging expenses. And best of all, we do not charge you, or your users, for the service. Yes, it's free.

Types of Partners

Our RememberItNow! partner program is available to:

  • Employers
  • Advocacy groups
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare providers

Partnership Benefits

Empower your community with:

  • Mobile reminders to take the right medication, at the right time, in the right dose.
  • Online and mobile tools to track their health, including customizable goals.
  • A personal health record they can access anytime and anywhere.
  • Personalized reports to reinforce behavior changes.

Connect patients:

  • Share updates and care through a private care community.
  • Manage home care assistants and schedules.
  • Share reports with medical professionals.
  • Set privilege levels for different family members or caregivers.
  • Centralize health information


Share resources and educational materials within your community.

Marketing support:

You'll have access to an account manager to help with promotional programs, public relations and user support.

RememberItNow! adds immediate value for your members, employees or patients. Contact us today.

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