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Medication Reminders
Medication Reminders Help Medication Compliance
Medication compliance is a fancy way of saying that you take your pills on time. Until the advent of online tools to help manage and set electronic reminders, medication reminders systems were inconveniet, hard to use, or inadequate. Visit the home of a patient that takes multiple medications, and you'll discover a variety of reminder systems. From the chart on the refrigerator, to Post-its around the house, to an alarm clock with multiple alarms set, or the shelf system, with pills arrange according to schedule. Each patient creates their own unique medication reminder system, with varying degrees of success. For caregivers, reminders often take the form of nagging, "did you take your pills today"? (Ever notice that the answer is always "yes").

U.S. citizens are taking more medications than ever before. In fact, 81% of adults in the U.S. take at least one medication during a given week, and 27% take at least five medications. Busy lives can interfere with regular medication schedules. Long meetings, travel, overscheduled days, and even the weekend soccer game can create obstacles to following a regular medication schedule.