Manage your medications.

medication management

Everything but a spoonful of sugar.

What meds am I taking? When do I need to refill? When is my next pill?

RememberItNow! knows. Schedule medication and re-order reminders, track medication history, and dosage instructions, prescription information, and medical contacts.

We'll help you take the right medication at the right time in the right dose, (sugar is not included).

Medication Management
Every Patient is Responsible for their Own Medication Management
The healthcare reform movement is looking to technology to improve healthcare and reduce costs. Millions will be spent to improve record keeping and integration between providers. It is clear that in the next 10 years, the way healthcare is managed in the United States will change dramatically. One thing that will not change however is the fact that the responsibility for mediction management rests with the patient.

Two-thirds of adults age 65 and older use one or more medications each day, and one-quarter (25%) take three medications daily. Taking medications can often be confusing, especially when a person needs to take many pills each day. The more you know about your medicines, and the more you talk to your doctors and pharmacists, the better your chances are for avoiding possible problems with medicines.