Care from anywhere.

long-distance care

Mom's in San Francisco, you're in Timbuktu.

If you're online, you can help through a private care community.

Coordinate information, arrange medication schedules, provide home care instructions, check wellness status, and be better prepared for an emergency.

Stay connected and sleep better at night; even in Timbuktu.

Long-Distance Caregiving
Are you a Long-Distance Caregiver?
According to the National Institute on Aging, about seven million adults live at least an hour from a parent they're caring. If you're one of these long distance caregivers, you know the challenges first hand.

Your involvement with long-distance caregiving may have started with a call that your parent had fallen and broken a hip, or you noticed during phone calls that your loved one has gradually become more confused. Long-distance caregiving takes many forms—from helping manage the money to arranging for in-home care; from providing respite care for a primary caregiver to helping a parent move to a new home or facility. Many long-distance caregivers act as information coordinators, helping aging parents understand the confusing maze of home health aides, insurance benefits, and durable medical equipment. At first long-distance caregiving may simply be a weekly, it often becomes a long-term task that takes an increasing amount of time.