How RememberItNow! Works

One account. Many devices. Shared care.

RememberItNow! works across the computers and phones you use daily, helping you take control of your health, or the health care of someone else, wherever you are.

Compatible with

Technical Background

RememberItNow! is a web application that can be accessed from any computer or phone with Internet access. You setup your reminders, add medical information, schedule appointments, print and share reports, and manage your care community from the web application. You don't install any software to use RememberItNow! and you do not need a fancy computer. If you need to purchase a computer, an affordable Netbook will do the trick. If you don't already have Internet access, you request this through your local Internet Service Provider, such as your phone or cable company.

Reminder Options

One of the features of RememberItNow! is the ability to receive text or email reminders on your cell or smart phone. You must have a wireless cell phone with a text plan to receive text messages. If you don't have a texting service, you can send yourself email reminders, or print out your schedule for reference.

RememberItNow! is currently available in the United States. Our text reminder service works with these carriers:

  • Alltel
  • AT&T Wireless
  • Boost
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Cingular Wireless
  • Dobson
  • Nextel Communications
  • Sprint PCS
  • T-Mobile
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Virgin

If your wireless service is not on this list, send us an email with your carrier's name and we'll let you know when the service becomes available.

Mobile Access

Through the RememberItNow! mobile application you can access your medical information, update your stats, and make entries in your journal from wherever you are. It's like having your complete medical history in the palm of your hand.

Responsible for several accounts? No problem. You can access any account within your private care community from your smart phone. Access profile information, medical history, and today's schedule for medications and activities. You can also communicate through the journal and update health statistics. It's a simple way to help others manage their healthcare.

Account Sharing

Through RememberItNow! you can choose to share your account with other persons, such as your spouse, children, or healthcare providers who can help you manage your health care. They can access your account from any computer with Internet access. If you share your information with others you control their access levels and you can change sharing privileges at any time. RememberItNow! keeps a history of changes by users, so you can see who made medication changes. Learn more about sharing your account information in our Privacy Statement.


Reminders are sent 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This is to account for text messaging delivery delays due to carrier volume. We group same time messages together to minimize texting charges. Text messages have a maximum length of 160 characters. We'll fit as many messages into this character limit that we can, without breaking a message.