Bob's story

Bob is 81 years old. He's worked hard all of his life and continues to go to the office every day. He was diagnosed with glaucoma nine years ago during his regular eye exam.

Glaucoma has been nicknamed the "sneaky thief of sight" because the loss of visual field often occurs gradually over a long time and may only be recognized when it is already quite advanced. This was the case with Bob. Although he had not noticed it, his peripheral vision was compromised.

Dad's 80th birthday party at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley
Bob's physician prescribed eye drops to control his eye pressure and to prevent further damage. His medication routine calls for using two sets of medications, three times a day, ten minutes apart. Remembering to take one or both sets of drops is a challenge.

With the threat of losing his vision, and his independence, Bob is highly motivated to remember his drops. He's tried alarms, charts on the refrigerator, and a special medication placement in the kitchen with spots for "taken", or "not taken".

And still, he sometimes forgets.

If he is in a meeting at work, Bob forgets the afternoon drops. If he falls asleep early, he forgets to put in his evening drops. If the phone rings between the first and second set, he forgets to put in the second dose – or he can't remember if he did, or didn't do it, so he puts in the drops again, "just to be sure."

Sadly, he is making provisions for the day he won't be able to drive, when he can no longer read the computer screen, and when he'll need guidance on his daily walk. As he puts it, "this getting old business, is no fun."

Bob is my father. I founded RememberItNow! to help him, and patients of all ages with all types of illnesses, stay healthier by remembering to take their medications. RememberItNow! includes medication reminders, medication and contact management, and wellness tracking. If extra assistance is needed, RememberItNow! community features make it easy to coordinate care.

Thanks to Bob's inspiration, RememberItNow! Is the best way to take control of your health or the health care of someone you love.

Pamela Swingley
Founder, RememberItNow!

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